Rolf Hähle
Category: Visual ID, Branding, Logo Design, Web Design

Rolf Hähle, one person two businesses. Cnc-technology and acoustic measuring under motorbike helmets are profoundly different tasks, yet, Rolf Hähle is specialized in both. Being a professional in both jobs, he approached OH! Graphics in the need of a Visual Identity.

OH! Graphics guided him throught the process and created Logos for both of his businesses, aswell a website for his acoustic measuring service. Both Logos are based on the initials of the customers name but distinguish themselves through minor yet effective details.

First the color theme of the brand was decided. The color blue was chosen for its psychological aspects of representing productivity and security. Two things which are purely positive when one thinks about technical companies.
To use the initials R & H in both businesses gives the logos unity between each other and grant Rolf Hähle a stronger brand. The different details of each logo are the unique features which give each business its own recognizability.