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Omentum is an osteopathic clinic located in Kouvola and Tampere, Finland. Initially, the company approached OH! Graphics because it was in the need of a logo. Omentum specially requested using blue an turquoise as its colours. Due to its calming and vitalising aspects, blue was a good choice as color scheme to begin with. In the briefing it was decided that healthy, modern, dynamic and professional should be the keywords to represent their brand.

The right choice of typography was important to reflect the mood of the keywords in the logo design. Two different font families were chosen to create an overall more dynamic feeling.

Ghost Type

Exo Soft

It was decided to use, “Ghost Type”, a modern, urban yet good legible script-font for the company name. It feels fresh and represents the “modern” spirit of Omentum.

The sub-header was set to “Exo Soft”, a rather geometrical font with rounded corners, it represents professionalism but has a warm and humane feel due to its organic shaped edges.

The next step was to find out how the font should be placed and which colour they should have. As turquoise and dark blue were selected both fonts would be set in one of the colours to create even more contrast.

The company name was set in turquoise and was placed on top of the sub header, which was chosen to be set in dark blue. This makes the Logo more bottom heavy and gives it more stability. Header and sub header invade each others space but harmonise well, what gives them a strong connection and more purpose.

Logo without visual element

The human spine was chosen, as visual element, to include into the design. Osteopathy often focuses on the treatment of the spine and its well being is of high importance for our health. The spine illustration was extremely simplified and set in the same dark blue as the sub header is set in.

human spine and simplified illustration

The spine illustration was placed on top of the company name, its swung form adapts perfectly to the height of the letters. This “resting” position gains a strong symbolism for the logo. It send the message that with Omentum your health will be restored and that Omentum literally “has your back”.

Final logo