General data protection regulation


The holder of register: OH! Graphics
Henna Sakkara, Oliver Döring
Salpausselänkatu 31, Kouvola

We collect user data from our webpage visitors. General site visitor information is not personalized: we collect mass data via Google analytics. The reason we collect user data is that we know what our web page visitors are interested in. 

When you send an email via contact form also your e-mail will remain in our inbox as send mail. As a sent contact is understood as a request to contact and/or customers initiative for possible collaboration, we will keep your messages in our inbox. In case you want to have all your contact information deleted, please contact us via e-mail.

 We keep and collect your given contact in the purpose of informing, keeping up the customer relationship and marketing. Your personal data you have provided is held by through the legitimate interest and legal obligations.

Your information is received by OH! graphics and our mother office Työosuuskunta Innetti, that handles our billing, payment and HR services.

Your personal data will not be used in profiling of automated decision making.

Your information is received by

  • OH! graphics and head office of Työosuuskunta Innetti
  • You

We hold your information from the last contact

  • In e-mail archives for 7 years
  • In bookkeeping for 7 years

Your rights

  • Receive information we hold about you
  • Correct information we hold about you
  • Restrict contact (e. g. cancel contacting or marketing)
  • Right to ask we delete your customer data